Webinar: What Do Leaders Need To Know To Effectively Evaluate Teaching?

what-do-leaders-need-to-knoRecorded: February 13, 2013 (57 minutes)

Improving student achievement depends on our ability to improve the quality of teaching, and school leaders must have the instructional expertise necessary to evaluate and support teachers in the improvement process. Discover powerful new research that illustrates the level of instructional expertise among leaders, as well as the most recent learning regarding the implementation of new evaluation models.

CEL's executive director, Dr. Stephen Fink, will guide presentation participants toward three outcomes:

  1. Recognize what constitutes high-quality classroom teaching.
  2. Identify the instructional expertise necessary to effectively evaluate teaching practice.
  3. Discover tools to support teachers in the improvement of teaching.

About the Presenter:

Stephen_FinkDr. Stephen Fink is the executive director of the University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership (CEL), and affiliate associate professor of educational leadership and policy studies in the University of Washington College of Education. Stephen has worked for many years with school district leaders focusing on the school district as the “unit of change” – particularly on developing systems-level leadership capacity for eliminating the achievement gap. In pursuit of this seemingly elusive goal, his particular interest is in helping school district leaders develop instructional leadership expertise. In addition to directing CEL, Stephen provides facilitation and executive coaching for superintendent and district-level leaders in a number of CEL partnerships. Prior to coming to the University of Washington, he spent 12 years as an assistant superintendent in the Edmonds School District (Wash.), and was a principal and special education teacher in Idaho and Los Angeles. Dr. Fink is the co-author of the highly acclaimed book, Leading for Instructional Improvement: How Successful Leaders Develop Teaching and Learning Expertise.

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