Introducing the 5D+™ Rubric for Instructional Growth and Teacher Evaluation, Version 3

Recorded: May 17, 2016 (57 minutes)

Over the last four years, school districts across the country have used the Center for Educational Leadership’s (CEL) 5D+ Teacher Evaluation Rubric to build evaluation systems that help teachers grow and improve instruction.

Working side-by-side with our partners, we have reviewed ongoing research and collected feedback to make the 5D+ Rubric even more precise and practical for school leaders, coaches and teachers. 

In this webinar, Patty Maxfield, CEL’s director of teacher evaluation, introduces version three of the 5D+ Rubric, highlights changes from the previous version and explains what educators using the tool in their practice need to keep in mind when switching to the updated rubric.

Note: This webinar will be most valuable for educators who are already familiar with the 5D+ Rubric. If you are looking for a more general introduction to CEL's teacher evaluation system, check extensive resources on our website or contact us.

About the Presenter: Patty Maxfield

Dr. Patty Maxfield supports school and district partnerships focused on building leadership capacity and instructional expertise. She is a strong advocate of using evaluation practices as a formative process and employing instructional practice data to inform the development and implementation of professional development.

Patty has been involved with public education for more than 35 years as a teacher, teacher leader, facilitator and administrator. Her passion is continually enhancing instructional practice to develop democratic, thinking-based learning for students and teachers. Patty received her Ed.D. degree from the University of Washington's College of Education and her master’s degree in education administration from Western Washington University.

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