Teacher Professional Learning Insights Survey

The Teacher Professional Learning Insights Survey captures the diverse viewpoints of teachers and leaders on their experiences with teacher professional learning efforts in their school systems.

Survey-Results-cover-324pxThe University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) conducted the Teacher Professional
Learning Insights Survey in November 2018, 
collecting responses from 626 educators from 420 school systems in Washington state, the U.S. and Canada.

The short online survey asked questions related to the vision, planning, implementation and continuous
improvement of teacher professional learning efforts in their school systems.

On the whole, educators who responded to the survey:

  • Widely share the belief that teacher professional learning is vital to improving academic success for
    every student.
  • Recognize that school systems underestimate the conditions needed for improvement of teaching
  • Indicate that their past investments in teacher learning have been only moderately or slightly effective
    in yielding results for students.
  • Are finding that the most effective teacher learning uses job-embedded models such as coaching,
    modeling and feedback.
  • Recognize the importance of student needs assessments but struggle to connect those assessments to
    required shifts in teaching practice.
  • Believe school systems should make the necessary investments to develop cultures conducive to
    coherent, authentic and ongoing teacher professional learning.

The education field has known for some time that investments in teacher learning have not consistently yielded results for students. The survey responses reflect that knowledge, and they reinforce our view that creating classrooms where all students develop agency and efficacy requires a new approach to how teachers help students learn and engage.

Download the survey results using the form on this page

This insights survey is part of a new resource, The Leadership Guide for K-12 Teacher Professional Learning, for leaders in classrooms, schools and school systems who want coherent, authentic, sustainable, and effective teacher learning aimed at improving outcomes for students. This multipart guide will provide practical guidance for leaders, whether they are making the case for transforming teacher learning in their setting, implementing a sustainable approach, or seeking support for scaling and extending effective practices. 

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