Instructional Leadership Team Growth Continuum

This working document describes what growth in an instructional leadership team’s practice might look like over time in five key areas.


The purpose of this continuum (for indicators 1f, 2a, 2g, 3c and 3f of the Framework for Effective Instructional Leadership Teams) is to describe what growth in an ILT’s practice might look like over time in these five areas.  

Key growth areas:

  1. Plans professional development and provides other resources (e.g., coaching) to support schoolwide implementation of instructional practices.
  2. Develops a climate of trust and respect to engage colleagues in conversations about student learning data and ways to use data to improve instructional practices and organizational structures to improve student learning.
  3. Models and supports a strengths-based culture of continuous improvement.
  4. Implements and monitors data systems and uses evidence and data with staff to monitor teaching and learning goals.
  5. Actions and decisions of the team reflect a shared commitment to achievement of improvement goals and the implementation plan.

Note: This is a working document still undergoing development, created as part of CEL's instructional leadership team work with the Florida Association of School Administrators.  


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