How Central Offices Can Get Better With Structured Continuous Improvement

Recorded: March 9, 2016 (62 minutes)

Want to redesign how work happens at your central office? Striving to establish a culture of learning and innovation? From an annual cycle of activities to establishing priorities to how to define a project and bring together a team, this webinar digs into what these practices look like at the ground level.

In this webinar, CEL Associate Director Max Silverman and Amanda von Moos, managing director at The Central Office Project, talk with Heather Berkley (director of solution delivery) and David Roth (director of technology solutions) from Aspire Public Schools about their structured approach to improvement.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to create and implement a comprehensive approach to continuous improvement.
  • Which practices are useful in any size school district.
  • How improvement systems can be embedded across the organization.

Webinar Resources

In this webinar, we reference the second iteration of the Principal Support Framework and share a tool to survey your central office.

About the Presenters

Heather Berkley

As a director for solution delivery, Heather Berkley drives continuous improvement at Aspire Public Schools, a charter management organization serving over 14,600 students in 38 schools throughout California and in Memphis, Tennessee.

She joined Aspire in 2009 as a technical recruiter and was a project manager before starting her current position on 2012.


David Roth

David Roth joined Aspire Public Schools in 2011. As director of technology solutions he manages the technical team responsible for Aspire's data warehouse and business intelligence systems. He oversaw the maintenance and expansion of integrated systems and provided support for SGP and teacher effectiveness calculations.

Amanda von Moos

Amanda von Moos

Amanda von Moos runs The Central Office Project, an organization dedicated to making central offices work better for schools. Amanda roots her work in a passion for building systems that enable principals to focus on teaching and learning, and a deep belief that lasting change only happens when the people are engaged in the process of reimagining and redesigning their own work.

For the past decade she has worked in various capacities to redesign systems that support schools, both as an internal staff member leading process redesign projects in Oakland Unified School District and as a consultant. She trains and writes extensively on how to do process redesign in complex and bureaucratic organizations.


Max Silverman

As an associate director at the University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership, Max Silverman provides leadership for CEL's district partnership work. He joined the Center in 2009, after leading high school reform efforts in the Highline Public Schools (Wash.) for nine years.

As a principal and central office leader, he successfully led the transformation to a portfolio of high schools focused on sustainable instructional improvement and personalization. His central office experience was focused on instructional leadership for ten high schools, particularly in the areas of literacy and math.

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