Creating Focused Goals Institute



The University of Washington Center for Educational Leadership offers a one-day institute, “Creating Focused Goals.”

The Creating Focused Goals Institute helps school leadership teams learn a process to enable teachers' professional goals to be strategic, with a greater impact on student learning. This institute addresses how adults learn best, how to create goals that align with student needs in the classroom and how a school leadership team can support teachers in growing in their practice based on a focused goal. Participants in this institute learn a process to create focused goals and ensure that teachers’ goals positively influence student learning and their own instructional practice. 

What you will learn

Utilizing a replicable process for developing a teacher's area of focus


Formulating classroom-specific student learning needs into goals for instructional practice.

Linking a teacher's area of focus to district and school instructional goals.

Using instructional practice data based on your instructional framework.

Understanding how and why teacher learning takes place in an inquiry cycle.

Institute overview
Learning topics

Foundational ideas

Defining focused goals

Analyzing qualitative and quantitative data

Process for identifying focused goals

Using a case study to understand process

Implementing and planning

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Facilitated by faculty from the UW Center for Educational Leadership:

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How can school and district leaders support teachers in creating goals that positively influence student learning and their own teaching practice?
Read How To Help Teachers Find an Area of Focus and How Principals Can Support Teachers in Assessing Goals Midyear and How To Find the Right Data To Support Professional Goal Setting.


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