Taking the Lead in Early Implementation

Boone County School District's Common Core implementation journey

When Kentucky's language arts and math standards received a grade D from an education policy think tank, Boone County School District leaders wanted to move fast to implement the new - and more rigorous - Common Core State Standards. Ongoing professional learning, new instructional coaches and more teacher leader support helped teachers and students make the shifts required for a successful implementation.

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boone-county-case-studyBoone County district and school leaders continued to respond to the early and rapid Common Core implementation by creating extensive teacher support systems, including:

  • Planning Ongoing Professional Learning and Time for Implementation. District leaders realized how important time for collaboration between teachers and time for learning would be for implementation success. Professional learning communities (PLCs), training sessions, coaching and observations were all part of this professional learning support.
  • Training Instructional Coaches. When district leaders talked to principals about what kind of support personnel would be helpful in their schools, principals asked for instructional coaches. Every school hired an instructional coach. They served as a support system for teachers in navigating the new standards and implementing them successfully.
  • Identifying Teacher Leaders for Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) and Math Design Collaborative (MDC) Support. LDC and MDC units required teachers to have a deep understanding of the standards. Hence, Boone County School District invested in teacher leaders who attended LDC and MDC trainings, facilitated PLCs and supported teachers in implementing units.
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