Taking the Lead in Helping Teachers Handle Initiative Overdrive

Bayfield School District's Common Core implementation journey

School districts often face a wide variety of new programs and initiatives. Bayfield School District, a small, rural district in southwestern Colorado, tackled this challenge by creating extensive teacher support systems.

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bayfield-case-study-coverDistrict and school leaders in Bayfield created extensive supports for teachers to help them implement the new standards successfully, including:

  • SchoolVault. Developed with a neighboring district, SchoolVault is an online formative assessment tool that can track student mastery of Colorado Academic Standards throughout the school year. This innovative tool responds to the challenge of transitioning to a new assessment system.
  • Supporting the Shift to Student-Centered Learning Environments. Colorado Academic Standards have required a shift toward a more student-centered learning environment, changing the way teachers teach and students learn. Bayfield created pilot programs to provide trainings for Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) and Math Design Collaborative (MDC) to support teachers with this difficult shift.
  • Teacher Supports. Addressing the risk of teacher burnout, the district also built teacher support systems like peer learning networks, mentoring programs and teacher leader programs. Through these programs, teachers have received additional support without administrative oversight.
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